Name: Otto Rauchenberger, Austrian origin, studies in Austria, Sweden, USA
Education: Electronical engineer, After Sales Engineer at Digital Equipment Co., software developer, experience in computerized laboratory automation equipment, networking and technical writing
Function: Owner/General Manager, technical documentation, technical translations (15 years translation experience working for the industries)
Specialization: Computer technology, automation systems, telecommunications, documentation design, electronic documentation, software manuals, manuals for computer assisted laboratories
Languages: German, English, French, Swedish
Reference customers: Computerized Laboratory Equipment, a US company, volume ca. 500 pages/year informatics/electronics, manuals (E-D/D-E/F-D) over 15 years.
Project aircraft technical/maintenance documentation (E-D), participating in the team
Digital Equipment Corp. (E-D) technical descriptions
CNC - machine industries (E-D/D-E/F-E/F-D), brochures, descriptions
Import/Export companies - correspondence
Interests: Travelling and technology exchange, mostly California, New York, Seattle
Email:, telephone: +41 79 332 0188




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